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i think 10:00 to noon, i have a moral obligation to watch neil. okay, he's not hot. but it's, it's important. 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. see you then. >> greg: this is a fox news alert. coordinated terror attack in norway killed more than 15 people today. a bomb exploded in a building in oslo, that houses the prime minister's office, while a man dressed as a police officer went to a youth camp, run by the labor party and opened fire. terrorist group claimed responsibility. stay tuned to fox for the latest on this breaking story. hello, everyone. it's 5:00 on the east coast and this is "the five." i'm greg gutfeld, with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, boll boll and andrea tantaros. a packed show tonight -- eric bolling and andrea tantaros. first, president obama's number are shaky.
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and a kicker, democratic poll. if cheating and producing a love child isn't low enough, arnold schwarzenegger sinks further in the muck. the latest on his divorce to maria shriver. and you may not be sitting at the table, but bob becket is here in spirit and in smell. we have our favorite bob beckettisms from the past two weeks. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ interest oh, bob. so we're going to jump right into tonight with poll numbers that i can't figure out there have been new results out this week, in particular a quinnipiac poll. i pronounced it. that shows 38% of americans think obama is doing the worst job they have seen when it comes to handling the country's problems. i get that. what i don't get, in the same poll, obama's job approval rating is 47%. that is like a difference of a million percent. so what is it, america? you think obama is an okay guy
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though his performance stinks? no wonder i drink. juan, welcome to the program. [ laughter ] good to see you. you have big sweaty shoes to fill. >> juan: you know, i think when they say is i am light in the pants. trying to fill in for bob becket. >> greg: if you look below the table you find an ankle monitor. >> juan: okay. >> greg: i to ask you, what is with the contrast of the polls. they like him but not his job. how do you explain that? just they do like him. when it come -- >> juan: they do like him, and when it comes to the economic performance that drives the numbers, it's compared to what. if you ask them about for formenace of republicans -- performance of republicans it's worse than president obama. so what you see is they are saying we don't like the way any of the politician in washington is doing business. apox on all of their houses, a bunch of bums and not doing job number one, producing jobs. >> greg: eric is laughing. >> eric: i chuckle because you talk about the congressional approval rating around 12% and point out it's
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republican congressional. but democrats are in that group, too, are they not? >> juan: they have, but they have lower rating than democrats in the congress. >> eric: one is 12 and one is 14. the bottom line is obama, the worst the job that the people have seen in their life. 38% of it say the worst, the worst president ever. >> andrea: fact he is like seasonable the reason he has defied gravity, abc news said this week. if you look at every demographic he won overwhelmingly, hispanics, women, independents, they are breaking off from him and it has to be with the economy and jobs. he hasn't delivered. >> greg: you know who he reminds me of? everybody knows this person. a guy at work who gets away with murder because he's so charming like bill hemmer. >> nice. handsome and disarming. >> greg: he is bill hemmer as president. >> kimberly: guess what? the main street media thinks so, too. "new york times," put his face in heart like this and still
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getting bad numbers. how do you do that? when everybody loves you you have to comen rative coin, you remind everyone of bill hemmer and still not polling well. explain that. >> greg: to be fair, he is an historic president. it made it -- he's inoculated him against a lot of criticism. >> juan: what kind of nonsense is that? [ laughter ] so he is a black guy and that is why he has good numbers? >> greg: i didn't say -- >> juan: get out of town. >> greg: historic. >> juan: to talk about security on your part. that's tough. >> greg: you are worse than bob becket. bring back bo beckell. >> juan: if you look at washington, the damns are in arms. if you ask the person people who is to blame, they don't blame president obama. they blame the republicans. that helps obama. >> greg: the public is
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dealing not only with the administration spin but the media spin two against one. >> eric: please, juan, where are you coming up with the figures and facts? the the american people are mad as republicans? they're ticked off that obama is driving the economy out of the ditch to the abyss. 14 million people out of work. gasoline. $4 a gallon on the way to $6. who knows what? >> juan: most americans are changing -- >> eric: they got something different. just you say don't worry about the debt ceiling. it's a farce. most americans including your pals at standard & poor's and moody, they say -- >> we have to move on. we can't default on the debt. >> kimberly: you're right but where is the president's plan? c'mon. leadership you can believe in. >> greg: get to that in a second. talk about another poll. get this one. a democratic pollster called the public policy polling institute. i don't even know if that is
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the real name. p.p.p., p-cubed as we call it. show candidate for president next year, barack obama and mitt romney, who would you vote for? equal at 45%. that is amazing. he has lost a lot of numbers among independents. >> eric: not only that, i hate to do this and we probably don't have it. last week, we talked about the generic candidates. juan, obama loses handily against the generic candidate for the republican candidate. can't win. >> andrea: if the election were held today, would barack obama win? >> juan: in a cakewalk. >> andrea: you are the minority. >> juan: i'm a minority at this table. but the fact is, you guys cherry pick numbers. not one of the republicans running for president right now in a head-to-head beats barack obama. i tell you what the news -- the news that actually is good news for romney. this is one of the first times i think --
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>> andrea: you're right. >> juan: may be the first time he tied barack obama. put it all together. talking about how bad numbers are in terms of handling the economy. even with the numbers in the tank. >> greg: that goes to early pool. >> andrea: look at george h.w. bush. movement when he liberated kuwaitis up to 90% approval rating. barack obama came in overwhelmingly popular and blew his mandate when he went after obamacare and didn't go after jobs. i really think that the economy when you look at the job approval number and look at george bush at the time, it sunk to 32%. i think obama keeps ticking downward. it's still in high 30s or low 40s in some polls but if we are not creating jobs that number will be the exact same thing that i think -- >> kimberly: that is what did in mccain when he ran against him. the bottom line the economy is not doing well. he didn't come up with a debt plan and hurt us with obamacare and waimed war
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against small businesses, entrepreneurship. taxing us to death. >> juan: i'm all for holding people, politicians accountable. but the obama hating that is going on here -- >> kimberly: there is no hating. >> greg: i like obama. i like america. >> juan: i love america. let me ask you a question. are you hearing good ideas? better ideas from someone saying we have better ideas for how to get the economy going? >> greg: the tea party. >> juan: get out of here. you know what? >> greg: that's why we have new congress. >> juan: why don't we taker rick's advice and blow through the debt ceiling. that will help things. >> eric: no one hates obama. i hate his policy and what he is doing to america. >> juan: that was your feeling about the former president, too? >> eric: what are you talking about? >> juan: the guy that drove us in the ditch. >> eric: 9% unemployment. >> juan: oh! oh! >> andrea: there were moments that george bush did not act like a conservative and he acted more like barack obama and that's where i issues with him. gawps oh, my gosh, you are
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equating bush and obama now. i don't know if that's good for obama or bad for bush. >> andrea: one is a big spender and someone a really big spender. >> greg: all right. everybody follow the pen. look at me. juan, we were in the green room and you said i hope i run a clip of rush limbaugh. you said it earlier and lucky i found. >> juan: you got it? >> greg: i did. the other day before rush was urging the republicans not to cave he played an old clip of a show listening to himself. in a weird real surreal way we listen to rush listening to himself. my head may explode. >> ladies and gentlemen, losers compromise. winners do not compromise. the democrats won nothing. >> winners do not compromise. which is why i have been asking the republicans in the house and in the senate, don't cave. you are the winners.
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you hold the cards. >> greg: eric, i bet you disagree with everything he said. >> eric: this man is so on it, 100% right. we have the ball. we were winning. we turned the house to republicans. a couple of months ago. we had "cut, cap and balance," to do something good for the economy, not ideology b.s. going around washington right now. and then mcconnell and boehner somehow got together and fumbled the ball, hand it over. pelosi fell on it and reid fell on it and now all of a sudden we're lost again. republicans had it and lost it. there is still time, though. "cut, cap and balance" has to come back. >> juan: let me get it straight. republican pushed president obama to make deep cuts he didn't want to make and he is pushing them now -- they pushed president obama so far that he is alienating people on his left and republicans still refuse to say we won? >> andrea: why didn't he want to make cuts? juan, why didn't he want to make cuts? why wouldn't he want to make cuts? just we're in the middle of a re-- re-- >> juan: we are in the midof
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a recession. >> greg: you can't spend your way out of crisis. >> andrea: like who wants to call wolf first and push the over the edge there will be repercussions. just i would say before i was a minority at this table but it's just that you and i and maybe the beautiful ones, we are the majority at the table. good looking smart people. [ laughter ] >> greg: by the way, juan, you are looking. you hate unattractive people. >> juan: there it is. there it is. [ laughter ] >> greg: why am i here? we have to go to break. we're only just getting started on "the five" but we have to take a quick break. don't go anywhere. i was hunching down. we have want to hear from you, too. e-mail us at we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." we were talking about the debt and wanted to bring it over to this block.
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andrea, you mentioned something in passing in the last segment. you said i agree if we default it would be catastrophic. why do you say that? >> andrea: well, i think it would be bad. but i think nobody really knows. i mean if you think about this. if we default, bond prices will go down and interest rates go up. >> eric: clarify default. this is where the semantics start to play in and the democrats are more than willing to talk about the end of the world if we "default." what are you talking about default? >> andrea: we can't pay our bills. that's the bottom line. so the bonds are secure and they go down. interest rate go up. let me finish. let me finish, eric. >> eric: you're saying we can't pay our bills. we can pay our bills. >> andrea: interest rate goes up so the debt we hold now is greater down the road. don't forget, too, we're securing a lot of israel's bonds. this will have a global impact. we lose our triple-a credit rating. i'm not sure anyone can tell us if we will ever get it back. >> juan: insurance companies, pension fund, all who rate risk as a key factor in buying bonds. they'll start to sell off.
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it has terrible economic consequences. >> greg: this smells like y2k. like nobody knew what would happen and the world would collapse. i don't know. experts on one side say one thing and experts -- i listen to my idol, bernie sanders the socialist who said don't worry about social security. we'll find the money. we will find the money for things that matter. things that don't matt her go away. i'll be happy. let's see what happens. i'm prepared to roll the doll. >> kimberly: that is a typical leprechaun approach. there is a pot of gold at the end. >> greg: are you nailing my height? >> kimberly: no, but you can borrow the heels. people are worried we'll go the way of greece but we are in a better position. president obama won't say hold back the checkbook from the military families, or not pay social security. we have resources. we're not going to fall apart. but there are consequences. >> eric: keeping it right here, we still have
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$130 million coming in every month so militaried social security and debt can be paid. other stuff, maybe not so much. listen to rudy giuliani last night on "hannity." here is what he had to say about the debt. >> if we default, and i hope we don't but if we default 90% of the responsibility is on the president of the united states. not even the democrats in the house or republicans in the house. it's on him. he sethe leader of the country and the chief executive of the country. he has yet to outline a plan because he is too darn afraid. >> andrea: we shouldn't be having this conversation. the reason we're having the conversation is because of the man you saw walking on that grass. president obama has spent so much, almost $4 trillion. we are hitting the debt ceiling again. look, it's not going to be good news. we have can't default. i agree with juan. listen, we have to make cuts. democrats have to stop bucking -- >> kimberly: otherwise it's meaningless. >> andrea: absolutely. >> kimberly: if you don't make the cut, you can raise the debt ceiling but foolish
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if it's irresponsible. >> juan: you hear rudy giuliani if this -- so it sounds like in other words he was the guy who wasn't putting the cost of the wars on the books; is that right? he was the one taking away regulation that let wall street run wild? housing industry go bizarre? people were buying houses they couldn't afford? >> eric: i didn't hear that. what i heard today, what i heard today -- just you guys, normally i'm not with the intelligence on this. >> eric: let's move on to another one of mr. obama's wonderful ideas. bail out the auto industry. first, the g.m. is on the hook for us, to the taxpayer of $23 billion. yesterday, we find that we only lost $1.3 billion in chrysler. thanks a lot. >> greg: i read a press report of it and it was written as good news. >> eric: right. >> greg: it is only $1 $1.3 billion! but the cbo, don't noah it stands for and don't care, said it would be around
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$40 billion. so they put out up that high so when it's $1.3 billion only we're supposed to be happy. the problem is we stopped making sexy cars. we emphasized safety over sexy. and the cars aren't -- >> andrea: where are the priorities? >> greg: i want to show you a car. this is a chrysler car from 1959. that is my car. this is a french chrysler hybrid. make those cars, chrysler and you will bounce back. >> kimberly: when business -- >> greg: this was an entire excuse to show off my car. >> kimberly: we get that. >> greg: yeah, that's my car. >> kimberly: when government gets involved in business it mucks it up. >> andrea: just like bush got on the carrier and said "mission accomplished" the administration did it with auto bail-out and it didn't work. a disaster. >> kimberly: be honest. >> juan: are you all naysayers? we got back $11.2 of
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$12.5 billion. we got back overwhelmingly most of our money. people who work who have jobs as a result of chrysler being alive are still working. you're the same with respect why don't they do more for jobs? why don't we have auto industry in the country? he saves the auto industry and you still complain. >> andrea: i want to go to the casino with you, because when i lose all of this money you say well, well -- >> eric: point something out before we go. kim, this is you. we only have 30 seconds. the bondholders in chrysler, remember those people? they got wiped out, juan. they weren't supposed to be wiped out. they were supposed to be first and they were put last. guess who was first? >> kimberly: casualties. the unions are always at the top of the heap. that is the problem. i don't think we should celebrate. the unions are always at the top of the heap. their needs get met. that shouldn't the priority. >> juan: in political terms i agree. but in human terms, the workers. >> eric: do it another time. >> kimberly: $1.3 billion in
2:22 pm
losses. >> eric: chock it up a for obama administration. a lot more to get through, so stay with us. "the five" continues in a couple of minutes.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea: all right. welcome back to "the five." where do we get the songs? did bob pick the music? bob is in the control room! i don't know. i'm sure you heard about this. the national relations board has ruled that boeing, that makes airplanes, tried to move factory from washington state to south carolina. they're saying that they can't do this. this week, on a straight party
2:27 pm
line vote, how republicans voted to actually stop this. i don't think is going to pass the senate. but i want to go to kimberly to talk to you about what a dangerous precedence this would set. they alleged nlrb, wing of the administration, allege that this, moving the company would be illegally punishing the union workers in the washington state manufacturerring plant by opening a nonunion site in south carolina. so this is the administration basically favoring its key constituency union again. does it set a dangerous precedent? >> kimberly: it absolutely does, they're trying to put a stop to it. congress is trying to step in. strip the nlrb which has been a run-away train on this issue. this is filled with the administration appointees, loaded with union officials. and lawyers that support their political ideology. that's why you are seeing them get involved. really doing a tremendous deal of damage to american businesses and companies and making it very restrictive and
2:28 pm
it's cutting back our ability to have jobs and move forward with the economy in the direction we need. >> andrea: juan, big government liberals love the commerce clause. they will argue -- i want to know, is there anything that the government can't tell people or companies to do? they are regulating movement. >> juan: let me just try to help the viewers of this wonderful show to understand what is really going on here, because if you were listening to andrea tantaros you might think oh, my gosh, look at the government. these communisms have come to america. >> andrea: wait until the next election. >> juan: they're coming on submarines. the fact is -- >> greg: they're not coming on jets. >> juan: the nlrb did not act, it was the lawyer. the reason is boeing was accused of breaking the law. the law says you can organize and have a union and you cannot be punished for steps you take in a labor management dispute. there was a big strike at boeing that cost them money. and then a boeing executive went on the record, you know, he's on tape as saying we made a decision because of the
2:29 pm
union action to move our facility to south carolina. what you have here is a race to the bottom. get me the cheapest worker, let's don't unionize. this is very important. this is very important. >> eric: boeing wasn't suggesting moving the washington state plant to south carolina. they were saying we want to open up a new plant. plant in south carolina. and boeing says we have the right to do that. the union is saying no. you can't do that, because everything has to stay in washington. because it's retaliation. when in reality, those washington workers are still protected, juan. it was never going to affect the washington workers. >> juan: what you mean by "protected" they are still in the union. but the fact is the boeing exective said we're doing this as retailiation against the union and the nlrb lawyers say you can't do that. >> andrea: there were no jobs lost do you understand what i'm saying? >> kimberly: they still have jobs.
2:30 pm
they're just saying we want out of the private company the ability to take jobs and create them in another state. >> juan: this is fablycation. you can take jobs anywhere you want in america, around the world. we have too many american companies outsourcing and taking them overseas. >> kimberly: how many union jobs lost? >> eric: none. >> juan: let me ask you a question. if boeing moved all the facilities to south carolina, will you say no problem, kimberly? >> kimberly: i'm for jobs and moving americans forward. >> andrea: no jobs were lost through boeing. we did lose them. if the plant isn't open they will lose thousands of jobs in south carolina. wait, hold on go to another topic. oil rigs now left the gulf. a new study came out yesterday saying that 230,000 jobs have been lost because the rigs, thanks to the obama administration's moratorium, have left the gulf. juan, this moratorium, killing jobs. >> juan: why is -- let me get this straight
2:31 pm
in other words, you don't have any concern about the jobs that were lost when b.p. spilled oil all over the gulf coast? you forget that, huh? >> greg: here is the thing there has been a great safety record before b.p. and the response to that was a political response. you see it was a horrible tragedy and you see the birds and stuff. the moratorium was political response and it hurt a lot of people. it compounded what was an ugly thing. but the fact is the drilling is necessary. and it's very safe, it's -- there is always element of risk but if i had my way we would drill everiy, including disneyland. >> kimberly: drill baby drill. >> eric: this is going to egypt, china, brazil in a word, i know you want to move on to stuff but in a word this is the obama administration's energy policy drill there and pay for it here. awful. terrible.
2:32 pm
>> kimberly: the rig cost $13 billion throughout the region, shed hundreds of thousands of jobs. if there was one accident on the highway do you shut down the entire highway? >> andrea: this administration came this close to being held in contempt of court by the federal port, because they weren't going to lift their moratorium. they were forced to do it. that is why they did it. held accountable. >> juan: you are in hock to oil companies. >> kimberly: we're not. just i guess you all want to bathe in oil. play with dead fish. >> greg: i never went in the water. >> juan: dead fish. dead fish. >> eric: clearly fossil fuel. the only thing that will keep the american economy from going off the cliff. >> andrea: we will make juan a "drill baby drill" t-shirt in the commercial break. stay right there. "the five" will be right back. ♪ ♪    [ male announcer ] succeeding in today's market
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i tap into the power of revolutionary mobile apps. to trade wherever. whenever. life isn't fully experienced sitting idly by. neither is investing. [ birds chirping ] i'm chris wallace in for bret baier in washington. terrorism struck norway today when a bomb ripped through building, including the prime minister's office in oslo. a man dressed as a police officer opened fire at a youth camp, run by the country's ruling party on a nearby island. a suspect has been arrested. tonight on "special report," greg palkot has the latest on the country's worst attacks
2:37 pm
since world war ii. back at home, there is no debt deal public or private. according to house speaker john boehner, he and the president are not close to an agreement. wendell goler is at the white house with what is holding up a compromise. proposed law in san francisco would see excons treated as a protected class. critics say it's political correctness run amok, while opponents say getting criminals back on their feet is the best way to stop recidivism. claudia cowan has a fair and balanced look. "special report" at 6:00 eastern. now back to "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: all right, everybody. welcome back to "the five." thank you for being with us today. the show is just getting started because we have a big cheater, cheater, oh, no, you didn't scandal that involves the entire state of georgia.
2:38 pm
and the governor is none too happy. sonny perdue said he was fed up and going to have investigation. they're not anonymous anymore. we call them out. 1788 principals and teach -- 178 principals and teachers and 82 confessions. as a former prosecutor i love a good confession. they fraud leaptly raise -- fraudulently raised test scores. what do you make of this? >> eric: this is when unions get too strong. teachers union, of the most powerful union in the country, united federation of teachers. they get tenure, first-in, first-out. not based on merit but the last one in. example of teachers getting too big for their britches, you got to break the unions. >> kimberly: you had 30 atlanta public school employees implicated in this state cheating scandal. they resigned or others have retired, because then off lot of people that you said are tenureed. but you know what is the
2:39 pm
solution? we have the standards, right, every state wants to meet. so they get funding and they get dollars handed to then. so there is a built-in incentive for them to meet the goals. they are going to do it one way or the other. they don't want to be the state left behind and last on the list. >> greg: it makes me wish i had tenure. we're like normal people. we show up for work. we can get fired at any time. that makes you a better worker. once you remove that incentive, you become mush. all you care about is preservation, perks. >> andrea: what agent the kids? just you're exactly right. i want to say you are exactly right. what we have seen here is a situation about the kids, minority and poor kids get shafted in this deal. they will tell you and i think that it's about standards. why do we have teach to the test? and the principals care about is whether or not we met the standards. yeah, you know what?
2:40 pm
when you show up, you have to perform. >> greg: we are talking about the teachers cheating but this time it's not with students. at least they are keeping the hands off the kids for once. >> kimberly: oh, boy. >> eric: how prevalent is this? they caught them in atlanta. it must go on in a lot of places. a lot of money at stake. higher the scores more money, the more funding they get. >> kimberly: you have the principals completely covering up what they are doing. >> andrea: everybody was in on this. if i'm a parent, i'm furious. i'm furious saying you know what? you owe my kid a lot of lessons. >> kimberly: you're right. juan is right, because the children suffer. emphasis and focus needs to be on making the students educated, getting them ready to be able to take the tests, learning, actually making an impact on the lives. not just fudging test scores and taking the easy way out. union is not going to get away with this. in new york -- >> juan: if you have kids
2:41 pm
that are in bad shape, right? and the teacher has to really, really work with the kids to help bring them up but it doesn't get to the standard, should the teacher be punished? i don't think so. >> kimberly: that is a debate we can have about. >> eric: we're talking about taking a "d" to make it an "a" for more funding. >> kimberly: close call. >> juan: teachers would say the reason we cheat is the principal and administrators say if you don't get the kids to this level you're out and lose your job. >> greg: they do this the way i used to do it in school with the record card? you have an "f" and draw a line to make it an "a"? >> kimberly: white-out. >> greg: i never got caught. >> kimberly: listen to this. a teacher in new york trying to do the right thing. newly tenureed professor, 20% of his students cheating. 22 of the 108 students in the class admitted to cheating on assignments. so the students said go ahead and give the professor a bad rating and call him out. make his wife miserable. he is trying to do the right thing. here is a look at it here. this is the guy.
2:42 pm
>> greg: without names. >> kimberly: we have u.n. interpreter. >> andrea: i did the greek pronunciation. >> kimberly: thank you. he received the lower annual salary increase he has ever gotten because of this. because of the rating went down for him. the school cited the lower evaluation score which came from the students that got busted for cheating he turned in. what is wrong with education in this country? >> andrea: this professor said i'm not going to speak up ever again. imagine if you are a student coming up the next year. greg, you would be excited about that. they had term papers they completely fabricated, they cheated. submitted them and he used software to figure out they were papers already written and submitted. >> kimberly: he is a computer science guy. smart guy. >> andrea: he said never again. what does it say about one, nyu? >> greg: this is a problem with the internet. you have websites that sell papers. when we were younger, we didn't have that. we had to copy it from the encyclopedia britannica. >> kimberly: there you go.
2:43 pm
now we have schwarzenegger coming up on the 0 side. we're going to take quick break but don't forget to e-mail in your thoughts to we want to hear them. keep them coming. lots more after the break. ♪ ♪ @=h
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> juan: i can't tell you what they are talking about. you have don't want to hear it. it's personal. in the summertime, let me say this in the summertime, we don't see as much as you are talking about. the perm lingerie items -- the personal lingerie items. greg, this is better for you. >> greg: i keep those secret. my own little locker. >> juan: very nice. i'm glad you do. i don't go in the locker. what we're going to talk about at the moment, ladies and gentlemen, is the fact that arnold schwarzenegger, movie star, former governor and your good pal, say that up front. >> kimberly: mr. there we go. >> juan: the lawyer for arnold schwarzenegger ask the court to suggestion spend spousal support payment to
2:48 pm
maria shriver, his wife of 25 years. why is it you might ask? the audience deserves to know. wait, wait, wait. i been interrupted and you called him a what? >> greg: don't repeat it! >> andrea: i don't think it's a good look from p.r. perspective, if i was his attorney, i would advice this is not a good idea. >> kimberly: this makes you look bad. you were caught with your pants down and maria shriver, a class act. >> juan: wait a second. it's california. she gets half of their common property. there was no prenupnuptial agreement. arnold schwarzenegger making the argument she has more than enough to continue in the lifestyle, the style of life she was accustomed >> kimberly: that is not even the standard, having familiarity with this situation in california. the deal is you have to look and see whether or not makes what. i tell you, the terminator definitely makes more money than maria does. she is entitled to that. >> andrea: but now he is all
2:49 pm
flabby and old that he won't make a successful movie anymore? >> kimberly: no. he is doing it right now. >> andrea: they might not be blockbusters. she is friend with oprah maria can go back to broadcasting and make money in her defense, she left her career for him to be the first lady of california. >> kimberly: i'm totally on her side. i think if he has extra cash, he has extra biscotti lying around. >> eric: can i break up the lovefest you have going on for women. >> kimberly: try if you can. >> eric: kennedys want gimme, gimme with kennedys. where in the world -- she is going to get $200 million from arnold, he will be fine. still have $200 million. where did the law come from? honestly, greg, half of what he is worth? >> kimberly: get a freup in then. you can download them on line. >> eric: i disagree with losing half of your net worth if you split up. i understand the lifestyle and take care of the kids. i'm for that. but really? >> greg: face it.
2:50 pm
she was a journalist. she must have known what was going on. she is reported on stuff. if your didn't know schwarzenegger was a big, you are a terrible journalist. by the way, you are! he is a philanderer, and love child. likes to smoke a little weed. he is a perfect kennedy. >> wasn't it lazy, too? i don't think i'll leave the house. >> juan: enough of this. arnold is your friend. >> kimberly: i love them both and wish them well. >> andrea: a child with the maid and he can't pay support to his wife? >> juan: eric has a good point. >> eric: this isn't maria left out in the cold there is $200 million. she will be well taken care of. she gets half of everything. >> kimberly: the housekeeper should pay maria, too. i am mad at her. i am mad of the her.
2:51 pm
not nice. >> juan: all right. now the guys have to get out of the room because this is basically a conversation for andrea and kimberly. if you go shopping down in florida, at macy's. they are now installing in the dressing room, in the department store, doors on the dressing room to allow people who are working there to see in. >> andrea: as if we don't have panic attack trying on bathing suits by ourselves. i put them on over my jeans. >> greg: by the way, don't worry do you hear a camera in the red eye dressing room? >> andrea: i do. >> greg: malfunction of the alarm system. >> andrea: we need you to do a quick change. okay. all innocent. >> andrea: a huge invasion of privacy. >> kimberly: it is. >> juan: we will give you more of this and more of bob beckel in his shorts when he comes back on "the five."
2:52 pm
stay with us.
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
2:55 pm
i ate breakfast and got heartburn, third day this week. so i took my heartburn pill and some antacids. we're having mexican tonight, so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pill later? if i get a snack now, pill now? skip the snack, pill later... late dinner, pl w? aghh i've got heartburn in my head. [ male announcer ] stop the madness of treating frequent heartburn. it's simple with prilosec otc. one ll a day. twenty-four hos. zero heartburn. no heartburn in the first place. great.
2:56 pm
>> greg: grover norquist on gitmo. privacy. sometimes privacy is good and sometimes it's bad. i love this idea, a new app called bar space. where you can install cameras in bars and nightclubs and stream video live through a free iphone app so when you are home and want to figure out where you are going you can get on here, find a bar. see if there is anybody there. in this case, this is the bareback bar and grill in san diego. i no idea what kind of bar that is, bareback. but i am willing to venture a fun bar. >> kimberly: he is cute. sitting by himself. >> greg: but if it's
2:57 pm
bareback. >> kimberly: women can say look at the cute guy at the bar. >> andrea: can you pull up a new york bar? i'm just saying. >> greg: do this. the brooklyner. >> kimberly: we can't take corporate jets to california. >> greg: this is the first gadget segment i've done. >> eric: let me point out for the guys watching, i'm against this. [ laughter ] >> greg: why? >> eric: you have a girlfriend or wife and want to have a drink at the bar. >> greg: terrible. i don't know what time it is there but they are drinking by themselves. i'm not going there. >> kimberly: you are never going to show up at that place. it could close down. >> greg: one guy in the corner here is crying. it won't show this. >> juan: you know who it is? arnold schwarzenegger. >> greg: i love this idea. i'm a shut-in but now i'll drink alope and look out there. >> kimberly: this could motivate you to move, physical health and exercise.
2:58 pm
right? >> juan: drink and someone is staring at you no privacy in this country. >> andrea: if you are not nefarious, and shady tactic you are like i welcome the video. >> greg: i to move on. if you didn't get your beckel fix today we are required by law to do so. in memoriam of him not being here, god knows where he is, this is a little beckel. should last you through the weekend. >> bob: i happen to know pornography when i see it. i am not going to talk about sex today. friends with benefits. sex. friends with benefits. c'mon! that was nice of you to talk around that. wuss. i been arrested, arrested, arrested a few time. he reminds me of a former drug dealer i used to have. someone who has had experience with steroids. i can tell you this. >> greg: is there anything you haven't done? >> bob: yes. get straight "a"s. >> andrea: i am sick of this. i don't know if anyone feels the same way. should she just -- >> bob: you're not going to block me anymore. i'm done. finished. out of here. don't bluff me.
2:59 pm
>> c'ya. >> bob: i had to leave the last segment, not because i was mad at greg. it had to get a ho-ho and go to the bathroom. [ laughter ] >> greg: he is like the crazy uncle. crazy smart uncle. >> kimberly: i love andrea. "bye, bob." you seemed busted up. >> greg: i got to move on. we have all been there, glued to the tv watching the latest car chase or a bizarre event unfold and saturday night you can get more of this. i am hosting the special "you couldn't stop watching" on fox. a sneak peek. >> fasten your seat belts. >> this guy is flying down the road now. >> the chases. >> just hit a tree. >> the grand your. >> trying to get out while it's moving. on the run. >> the just plain bizarre. >> as you can see, it's a dramatic situation. >> unscripted. out of control. broadcast live. "you couldn't stop watching." >> greg: you better watch

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